Heat Cladding and Renewal of Facades and Other Building Work

We perform excavation and bricklaying work, facade heat cladding and renewal, building of new fences, laying of interlocking pavement and other building work.


We do insulations, hydro-insulations and repairs of flat roofs.

Facade insulation

We heat clad facades according to your requirements, and that by a contact or a ventilated system.

Interlocking paving

We pave interlocking paving with an accessory selection.

Digging works

We do diggings for pools, ponds, fence and garage bases.

Finishing works

After the work in exterior is done, we also provide cleaning works.

Assembly works

We cover expert assembly and installation works.

Masonry works

We provide walling of enclosure walls or walling with concrete blocks.

Scaffolding works

We do assembling and disassembling of scaffolding and protection net with industrial and façade scaffolding.

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