What is posting staff abroad?

In the case of a temporary transfer, the employer (e.g. a Slovak subcontractor) will send its employees abroad to perform the service for a certain time.

When posting within the EU, employers must comply with the working and wage conditions in force in the country of employment. As far as social security is concerned, Slovak workers who carry out professional activities in another country are often subject to the social security system of the posting country, in our case Slovakia.

Posting is also possible for self-employed persons or Slovak workers who work for a Slovak temporary employment agency. For more information, visit: Posting staff abroad

Portable Document A1

During each posting (including a business trip abroad), the employee / self-employed person must carry the original portable document A1 (PD A1), confirming that he/she is socially insured in the Slovak Republic and is valid for only one specific posting.

The social insurance company issues the PD A1 document free of charge for a maximum period of 24 months. It is possible to request the issue of the portable document A1 (PD A1) retrospectively by the Social Insurance Agency. Portable document A1 (PD A1) is a standardized document. The employer is not obliged to translate the document into the state language of the state to which the employee is posted.

What is Limosa?

The Belgian State wishes to create a more attractive environment for the processing of posted workers in Belgium.

Filling in a Limosa declaration simplifies your administrative obligations in Belgium, including for: drawing up and keeping up to date the terms of employment and documents for part-time workers the staff register the employee record and the payslip.

The Limosa declaration is the first step towards legal work in Belgium in accordance with European rules. It is a legal obligation.

For more information, visit: Welcome to Working in Belgium